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It did not take long for me to want to do more than "see" objects through the telescope. I loved the idea of actually capturing the images in a camera and printing them out for the world to see in the way that Dr. Gendler and others have done so well. I had no idea that amateur astronomers now had, with the advent of CCD cameras, such as the amazing images being produced by companies like Santa Barbara Instruments Group (SBIG), the ability to produce images that in many instances surpass the quality of pictures that we were used to seeing in textbooks in science class, and which rival many being done, even today, at the big university observatories and elsewhere.

Sat, Jan 16th 2010, 11:45

8-21-05 After a seven month wait I received my new 12.5" RCOS scope. I was able to go for a short imaging session tonight and I am very pleased with the first results despite pretty awful conditions (a nearly full moon, clouds and a neighbor's flood light!). I am looking forward to some hopefully improved weather so I can give it a full run-through. Now if I can only get that Monolith Pier, I can begin to use my new Paramount mount!

Sat, Jan 16th 2010, 11:44

2005-05-20 My new site! My new website is now up and running! Thanks to my brilliant webmaster, Jeff, the site now has a "cleaner", more polished look. I feel that the images really stand out much better with the lighter background. I hope you like it. Please send me any comments or suggestions. Clear skies!

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Jupiter - 09-06-23

I experienced the best seeing of my life here at St. George Island last night when this image was captured!

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